We give people the confidence to live a successful life, the tools to transcend their emotional difficulties  and the support to reach their full potential.





Mind My Health is an independent highly skilled professional therapy service. We are passionate about finding a therapeutic approach that suits you and your family, and takes account of your existing knowledge and skills.

Here are some of the issues and problems we can help you with
  • Feeling low in mood and tearful

  • Feeling irritable and anxious

  • Poor concentration and worry

  • Sleep related problems

  • Eating, weight and shape difficulties

  • Struggling with transitions in life and major life changes

  • Obsessive and compulsive problems

  • Ongoing emotional symptoms relating to traumatic events

  • Relationship issues

  • Drug, alcohol and gambling problems

  • Loss and grief

  • Childhood emotional and behavioural problems

Our Services

Sometimes people find it difficult to share their worries with others close to them or they feel that things have got so difficult that they wish to seek professional advice.


Mind My Health is a non-judgemental empathic service which aims to support individuals, families and those who wish to be involved in the care of the named client (teachers and carers etc). 


Mind My Health accepts self referrals (for a young person preferably with consent from named adult), GP’s and other health professionals.  Mind My Health is a provider with most UK health insurance companies.

Emotional Wellbeing Practice
Psychological Rehabilitation Practice

Employers have a duty to protect workers from stress in the work place, offer rehabilitation following an accident at work which causes physical and / or psychological injury and many employers take their employees emotional well being very seriously that they provide emotional support through occupational health.

Mind My Health is linked up with various Employee Assistance Programmes offering psychological support through Occupational Health/Human Resources.

Mind My Health can provide medico-legal reports for psychological injuries following industrial accidents, road traffic accidents, assaults or other incidents with traumatic consequences. 


Mind My Health specialises in providing trauma-based therapy for people who have had traumatic experiences and these referrals often come through solicitors, GP’s, Hospital Consultants and Self Referrals.

Workplace Psychology Practice
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Dr Lipsey (the Director of Mind My Health) is a Consultant for various sporting organisations and supports elite athletes and amateur sports people before and after major sporting events.  Dr Lipsey has also worked in the Fitness Industry for 23 years and currently teaches a variety of classes at well known health clubs.

Psychology in Sport Practice

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